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Hi Anette! You were one of our very first interviews way back in October of 2005...nine years ago! Please tell us, what have you been up to since our interview?

"Over the years I've illustrated more than 50 children’s books from clients all over the world. My main goal has always been to work on my own books as both an author and an illustrator. I've worked on my own ideas between projects for clients for years, and I've always been thinking "one day.." It's extremely difficult to get a book deal, so I knew it would take time, but I've kept working on it and believed that it would happen. And it did! This year my first book got published! It's amazing to have kids showing up at my book readings, excited about my work with big smiles on their faces. You can't ask for more than that! I've also written and illustrated a couple of easy readers to be used for reading education, and I'm lucky enough to have publishers interested in more books from me. My plan for next year is to set aside more time to work on my own projects, so that I get more of my own books into the world!

(image attached is from my book “Hunden”) 

 All the best,
Anette Heiberg"

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